My Volkswagen Beetle

When I bought my new 2004 Volkswagen Beetle, I was pretty excited. I had wanted one of these cars ever since I was younger. I was looking at the older ones then but the newer models are so much nicer and fits right in with my personality. I had bought it used off someone, but it was still in great condition with only one thing wrong with it. The convertible top was a bit messed up and I wanted to get a new one. I looked at and found just the right one. The price was very reasonable and I got it in no time too. My brother is a mechanic and he put it on for me. I still cannot believe that I have my own little Bug! Now I just have to find some fuzzy dice for the rear view mirror and I am good to go.

My Little Accident

My little accident ripped the convertible top right off my Porsche, so I’m looking at some replacement convertible tops for it. Luckily, they will be able to fix the car. They just need to know what kind of top I want so they can reinstall it for me. I’m really happy that my insurance is being nice about this. But I must admit I’d probably yell at them if they didn’t. I pay premium prices for premium services. No wonder they were ranked number one among the high class insurance providers. The accident was totally the other guy’s fault too. He said he fell asleep in his car and actually admitted to it! I can’t believe he would just say it like that in front of my face. It makes things easier on me, I suppose. I never really thought I’d see my car wrecked like that. The damage was a bit surprising to me.

My Friends Audi

My friend has really awesome Audi. You can imagine how I felt when one day he came back to where his car was parked and found that somebody had slashed his soft top and stolen his radio. That was a really bad day. Fortunately though, he was able to find a new Miata Convertible Top at and he’s working on installing it right now. I think in the end, it’s going to look just as good now as it did originally. Of course he did lose the money that they cost him to buy the new cover and he still hasn’t replaced the stereo. I told him that he needs to take advantage of the opportunity and get himself a really amazing stereo, of course this time with a removable face. He hasn’t decided yet, but I think he’s gonna do it eventually. It’s just a matter of getting over the initial shock I think.

My Father's Search for Replacement Tops

Recently, someone decided to break into my fathers convertible BMW. Let me tell you: he was not happy about that. While he wasnt keeping anything too valuable in his car, he really wasnt thrilled about having to shop around for replacement convertible tops. Really, the last thing that he wanted to do was replace a top that would have been fine otherwise. Of course, my father is the king of shopping around, and this is not the first convertible that hes had. He had a Miata before this, so hes pretty familiar with the process of shopping around for replacement tops. He has a friend who works at a junk yard, too, so he may just be able to get his hands on a used top that’s still in good condition. You had better believe that he is going to pay for better parking in the future. He doesn’t want this to happen again.

My Dad's Car

I had been looking for an Audi for some time. It was my dad’s first car way back when, and he wanted to try and find one that was like his first one. I can understand that because my first vehicle was a Jeep and they will always have a special place in my heart because of the memories. When we finally did find one, Dad took it for a test drive and was really happy with it. The neatest thing was that it had low mileage for being as old as it was. He went ahead and bought it. The only thing that was really wrong with it was the convertible top needed to be replaced. That was easy enough to take care of though. We ordered the new top through and it was delivered to my house. We are going to attempt to put it on ourselves and I think we’ll be okay with that. I hope, anyway!

My Convertible Car

I’m looking for some Mustangconvertible tops for my new Saab. I moved to Southern California to enjoy the sun and I think I am going to! Since moving here from Oregon, I have experience a tremendous amount of difference in sunlight. I mean, my goodness, I even have a tan already, and it was unintentional! I put sunblock on very often though, because my formerly pale skin probably isn’t used to these intense rays yet. I mean it’s always good to use sunscreen. That way I can roll my convertible top down and let in the sunshine while I take my ladies out for a little cruise on Sunset Boulevard. I’m pretty happy I’m able to lead this lifestyle. My parents are a little apprehensive since I’m so young. They think I should learn the lessons of being a hard worker, but I seem to have found a shortcut to being rich.

Man Replaces Mustang Convertible Top

I had been having a lot of issues lately with the convertible top on my Mustang. There was no way for me to get it down, so I always had to have it up even in the spring and the fall whenever we had beautiful days for my convertible top to be down. I was thankful to at least be able to roll down the windows to enjoy the cool breeze that way, but I wanted more. I had decided to try and replace the convertible top, knowing that it would be a pricey adventure. But I was able to get a pretty good deal on a Mustang convertible top to replace the one I had. There were some pretty deep tears in my previous top, and the new one was in pristine condition with no blemishes whatsoever. I knew that I would definitely treat this top much better than I had the previous top, and hopefully it would hold out for years to come for me after replacing it this one time.

Making Sure That Your Car Purrs Like a Kitten

When it comes to finding the convertible tops that you’re going to have the most fun with at the end of the day, you have to be sure that you’re letting your imagination run wild. If you’ve never driven a car before, then you’re going to want to be sure that you take it out on the open road before you buy it. Of course, when you’re at the dealer, you should ask them if they have any kind of speed track for you to test your car on. There’s just no other way to know that you’re going to like it. You have to hop into it and listen to it purr like a kitten at breakneck speeds. Once you’ve found a car that’s super fun to drivebe it a Porsche or a BMWyou have to set about securing your financing. If you got a great rate from your local dealer, then you’re going to want to get it in writing before you make your next move.

Make Your Car Look New

If you are wanting to improve your vehicle and make it look better than you will want to make sure that you buy parts that will fit it. If you have a soft top roof than you will want to be certain that it is not going to have any leaks. This is why you will want to look into getting your roof top from Auto Tops Direct Convertible Tops. They have a wide range of roof tops to choose from and you will be able to get a top that will best fit your car. You will find what ever it is that you need and be able to know that it will fit your car perfectly and not cause you any future grief. There is no reason that you will not be able to get your roof in place and have it fit perfectly. So if you want to ensure that your car is not going to leak than you will want to get it ordered from roof tops direct.

Looking for BMW Convertible Tops

I was looking for some BMW Convertible Tops that I could get for my car. I just bought it about a month ago and really got a great deal. I was able to talk him down a good bit from his asking price because I found a few things that were wrong with it that I do not think that the guy that was selling it was expecting someone to find. I, for one, knew that the top was not going to make it another year and that I would have to replace it relatively quickly. I noticed a few other things that I would be able to repair myself and it would not cost me a lot but if I had to send it to a shop to get done that it would be quite costly. I love the car and I knew that he was in a hurry to get rid of it so I offered him significantly less and got it.